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    Date: Apr 12, 2023

    7 Compelling Reasons to Choose a Ready Possession Home

    Are you someone who has weighed the pros and cons of waiting for construction to be completed versus getting a home that’s ready for immediate possession? The real estate market is crowded with options, but what sets a ready possession home apart?

    In this blog, we have complete list of compelling reasons to choose a ready possession home. Besides getting your hands on your dream home quickly with no construction risks, you’ll get an opportunity to negotiate the price in your favor, save on interest rates, and even get rental income. 

    Not to mention, ready possession flats also have the potential to appreciate in value in the future. Read on to discover how choosing a ready possession home can be beneficial for you, your family, and your future finances.

    #Immediate Possession

    Ready possession homes allow buyers to move in immediately after purchase, eliminating the burden of paying rent and home loan EMI simultaneously. 

    With a fully constructed home, you can enjoy living in your new home without the hassle of waiting for construction to finish. It saves time and money as you don’t have to go through the lengthy process of building from scratch. 

    With the ever-rising costs in the real estate market, ready possession homes are increasingly becoming a popular choice among buyers. 

    So, if you do not want to wait for completion, choose a ready possession home for a hassle-free home-buying experience.

    #No Construction Risks

    Ready possession homes are a great option for buyers who want to move into their new property immediately without waiting endlessly. One significant advantage of ready possession homes is that there is a low level of risk involved. 

    With no construction risks, there is no fear of delay in possession, and buyers do not have to pay rent for their current accommodations. 

    On the other hand, under-construction properties involve a high level of risk with the potential for project delays, which can increase costs and cause inconvenience. 

    Moreover, choosing the right builder can be tricky as there have been cases of builder frauds and duping buyers in the past. Ready possession homes eliminate these risks, making them an attractive option for homebuyers.

    Are you tired of typing 1 bhk ready possession flats near me on Google and still find no result? Now its time to choose ready possession flats in Khopoli.

    #No Hidden Costs

    With ready possession flats, there are no hidden costs. You know exactly what you are getting and how much you need to pay for it. 

    In contrast, under-construction homes often come with hidden costs such as development charges, preferential location charges, or external development charges, which can add significantly to the total cost of the property.

    Landlords prefer renting out ready possession homes as they can enter the unit at reasonable times for inspection, repairs, or showing it to potential buyers. 

    People often choose ready-to-move projects based on the reputation of the developer and their past projects. It gives them an assurance of timely delivery and quality construction. 

    Hence, investing in a ready possession home is a smart choice for those looking for a hassle-free purchase experience. So why not invest in ready to move projects in Khopoli?!

    #Better Negotiation Power

    One of the biggest advantages of choosing a ready possession home is the better negotiation power it offers with builders/sellers. This is due to fewer costs involved in ready possession homes. 

    These homes usually come with amenities and basic infrastructure already in place, and they offer an immediate solution with no waiting period. Additionally, they help save time on paperwork and legal formalities.

    The overall cost of a ready possession home is typically lower than for under-construction projects. This is because there is less risk of delays and cost over-runs due to construction issues. 

    Ready possession flats in Khopoli are a great choice if you want to move into your new home quickly without any hassle and want to save some money.

    #Rental Income

    Choosing a ready possession home has numerous benefits. One of the key benefits is that you can save money by avoiding rental payments and home loan EMIs simultaneously. 

    If you are buying a property as an investment, a ready possession home can generate rental income immediately. You can start earning rent from day one, which can help offset your mortgage payments and other expenses. 

    Unlike under-construction properties, ready-to-move-in homes involve minimal risk of delayed possession. Additionally, such properties have a good resale value.

    If you frequently move from one city to another, a ready possession home can offer instant relief from paying rent after relocating. 

    You can purchase a property and move into it right away, without having to worry about finding a new place to live. That being said, it is always advisable to do thorough research and inspect the property before making a purchase decision.

    #Lower Home Loan Interest Rates

    One of the most significant benefits of choosing a ready possession home is the lower home loan interest rates that reduce the total cost of borrowing. For under-construction properties, home loans have favourable repayment tenures that can help reduce the EMI portion. 

    Additionally, tax benefits under sections 80C and 24B of the income tax Act are applicable for under-construction properties.

    However, ready-to-move-in properties have a greater advantage in this aspect, as tax deductions are applicable from the first EMI while also having lower total costs. Another advantage of under-construction properties is their extended window period, which yields higher returns on investment. 

    The maximum tenure of loan repayment may extend up to 30 years for under-construction properties, making them an attractive investment option with favourable interest rates. 

    If you are looking for ready-to-move projects then you must search for ready to move projects in Khopoli.

    #Appreciation Potential

    The appreciation potential of a ready possession home is generally higher compared to an under-construction property. This is because the location, infrastructure, and amenities are already in place, and you can start enjoying them immediately. 

    In contrast, under-construction properties may take years to appreciate in value, and there is always a risk of delay or incompletion.

    Purchasing a ready possession home also gives you an opportunity to inspect it thoroughly before buying. So you can check 1 bhk ready possession flats near me and ensure that everything is up to your expectations.

    Making the Most of Your Investment with a Ready Possession Home

    Deciding upon new residential property requires careful consideration, and a ready-to-move-in apartment can be the best option for you. 

    Ready possession homes offer advantages that appeal to many potential buyers from immediate possession, no construction risks, to lower home loan interest rates. 

    There are other perks too, including appreciation potential, rental income, and better negotiation power. A ready possession home is a smart investment that differs from all other residential property types. 

    With all these benefits, there is no doubt a ready-to-move-in apartment is your best choice. Take advantage of our expertise and explore the best ready possession residential properties. Make an informed investment today.

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