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It was the year 2010. A set of top professionals, entrepreneurs, and a global conglomerate shared a ‘promise’. To build quality of life with quality of construction. To unlock value by adding innovation to cement and bricks. To commit to reasonable timelines and consistently adhere to the same. Providing timely, high-quality, luxurious living evolved into our ideal approach.

Values we Preserve

At Unimont Realty, we understand that building goes beyond bricks and mortar. We're in the business of creating spaces that enhance lives and communities. We aim to create developments that are not just places to live, but thriving communities where people can connect, grow, and feel a sense of belonging. We build with a vision for the future, but never forget the importance of preserving the things that make a place special.

We have a keen eye for recognizing and developing properties in the most sought-after and promising locations, ensuring your investment's value soars
With a steadfast commitment to deadlines, we consistently deliver our projects on time, ensuring your investment grows as planned
Our enduring legacy is built upon a history of crafting high-quality living and working spaces, where attention to detail is our hallmark

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Consistently, On Time Delivery

Quality Construction

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Completed Projects


Ulwe, Navi Mumbai

RSM Diamond

Ulwe, Navi Mumbai

RSM Crystal

Ulwe, Navi Mumbai


Happy Clients, Happy Stories

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